CRYPTOMACH / New hardwork Ethereum, stealing blocks pools, personal experience of trading and delisting DigiByte

The main event of the last seven days was the update on Ethereum: tonight, the developers have activated the updating of the network of Instanbul. There were other important things. Sources learned about the volume of bitcoins on major exchanges in the world, Android smartphones are once again faced with the risk of data loss, and the Spanish developer wanted to simplify the interaction with a hard BTC addresses. We also talked about wallpapere Bitcoin in simple words, broached the subject of theft blocks mining-pools and shared his personal experience of trading.

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Why you should not store private keys to your crypto currency in the cloud

Inexperienced owners cryptocurrency somehow believe that keeping the private keys to your wealth in the cloud is a good idea. This, of course, wrong. Talk about the reasons to distrust such services. Also share those platforms that you can use.

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Wallpaper Bitcoin understandable words

More than eleven years ago, an anonymous developer under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto published Wallpaper “Bitcoin: a peer system of electronic cash”. This is a major document in the history of the first cryptocurrency and niche coins on the blockchain as a whole. We have studied it and highlighted the most important.

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How many bitcoins are stored on the main cryptomeria world

Hodler and traders continue to keep their savings on the stock exchanges. And exchanges, respectively, store the coins in the wallets. Tell which of the platforms how many cryptocurrencies. Spoiler: the amount of billions of dollars.

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How your Android smartphone could give all cryptocurrencies and money

The security of smartphones running Android is still not perfect. With the help of malicious software called StrandHogg hackers can get a lot of information about the user device. Here are the passwords from cryptocurrency wallets. Explain what it is and how to protect yourself from hacking.

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As the creators of cryptocurrencies and mining pools can steal blocks

Novice miners regularly accuse the pools and other participants in the niche in the theft of blocks. We asked for expert comment and has carefully studied the subject. After all will definitely be clear.

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New development Spanish programmer will seriously simplify the sending of bitcoins

Spanish developer Jose Femenias of Canuelo wants to free users from long Bitcoin addresses. According to him, they were not created for people. In his wallet will use simple and clear identifiers. Accordingly, errors in the transfer of funds should be less.

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The developers of Ethereum want to spend another hardwork. Why is it needed?

Next year, the network Ethereum will be another hardwork. It is called Muir Glacier. The latter’s task is to review the mechanism of the bomb complexity and attitude. A description of the problem Ice age within.

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Poloniex exchange will carry out delisting DigiByte. The community considers this revenge

Representatives Poloniex announced the delisting DigiByte. It happened shortly after the Creator of the cryptocurrency has criticized Justin Sana, the Creator of Tron. As all of this is described in the article.

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Cryptocurrencies can replace Fiat by 2030: Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank experts predict a significant growth of popularity of cryptocurrency. At the same time to making coins around the world need to solve at least three problems.

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My trading experience. What cryptocurrency exchanges need to choose?

Tell us what exchanges are the best to trade, and from my own experience. Inside there are criteria for selection, the history of certain transactions and personal recommendations. After the problems with platforms not supposed to be.

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What is a virtual machine of Ethereum and why it is needed?

Virtual machine Ethereum — a virtual environment that enables smart contracts interact with each other. Examples of such cooperation are also described in the publication. We recommend you read.

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