CRYPTOMACH / O 988 thousand ETH purse Binance, earnings on masternode and Bitcoin for a million dollars

Another working week for the cryptocurrency world was intense. Ravencoin jumped on the crazy 200%, Bitmain shared update for Antminer S9, and the cold wallet Binance emptied nearly a million ETH. Recall the major events of the last seven days.

New deadline: Constantinople release officially postponed until January 2019

Hardwork Constantinople officially moved to the beginning of next year. The decision was made by the developers of the Ethereum Foundation after the next meeting. Now some analysts doubt the growth prospects of the course ETH in 2018. While the situation may correct Bitcoin after the launch of futures on Bakkt.

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Service 2Masternodes ceased to support ANON, VIVO and SmartCash. What is the reason and what’s next?

Service purchase a share and several mastered 2Masternodes no longer supports ANON, VIVO and SmartCash. The reason for the delisting was the lack of benefits. In the case of ANON each masternode brought 8.8 dollar loss per month. To find a joint solution with the developers failed, so all nodes were disbanded. Investors got the investment back.

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Ravencoin increased by 200 percent. The coin adds to the Binance

CEO Binance announced the listing RVN on its platform. Date of Chanpen Zhao did not name, but this has not stopped enthusiasts to start buying up the coin. The result Ravencoin increased in price by nearly 200 percent.

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Bitmain released the Antminer firmware for S9 with AsicBoost. What has changed and where to download?

The largest manufacturer of miners released an update for Antminer S9. It activates Overt AsicBoost and allows for more efficient digging bitcoins. By updating the model remains the “gold standard of the industry”.

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With a cold wallet Binance brought 988 888 ETH. What happened?

Chanpen, Zhao also told about the withdrawal from storage Binance 988 thousand ETH. The coins went on another purse company, so nothing to worry about. Investors ‘ funds are safe.

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Easier to nowhere: how to mine cryptocurrency in just one click for everyone

To buy GPU and ASIC mining is optional. Alternative — WinMiner that allows you to dig coins during PC idle. The platform is a simple design and a minimum payout threshold of $ 5. She’ll probably become something like a badge in the world adult hash.

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Bad advice: the three most common mistakes beginners in the stock market

Mistakes necessary to learn, but even better — they did not commit. Tell, what exactly not to do for beginners in the field of kryptonyte. At least, to ignore technical analysis and the role of stop losses.

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The expert described the main condition under which Bitcoin will rise to a million dollars

BTC can jump to a rate of one million dollars. However, such a scenario is possible only after the recognition of Bitcoin world currency. It is obvious that in the next five years this will not happen.

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How much will it cost Bitcoin by the end of this year? Expert opinion

Tom Lee has shared his prediction on Bitcoin exchange rate by the end of this year, — the expert considers that the mark 22 thousand dollars is still real. He also spoke on the state of Ethereum. Bearish trend last sort of coming to an end.

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Capitalization of cryptocurrencies gain 5 thousand percent. When?

CEO of deVere Group sees huge potential niche of the cryptocurrency. In his opinion, the next decade will allow it to earn at least 5 thousand percent growth. The share of Bitcoins will gradually decrease.

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Why the SEC will approve the Bitcoin ETF from VanEck in 2019? 5 reasons for confidence

For the approval of ETF from VanEck, there are five positive reasons. For example, today there is an impressive derivatives market to BTC, and fears of possible manipulation of price becomes less.

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How to make money on masternode. Detailed instruction for beginners and first profit

Show the prospects of earnings on masternode inside. Changed $ 50 in Deviant Coin and bought out its part of the node. Inside the interest, screenshots, and first earnings. It turned out a kind of manual for those who want to contact with this topic.

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Classic: Samara miner stole electricity for mining Bitcoin at 17 million rubles

A beautiful story of Samara region — miner stole electricity worth 17.8 million. After three months of free mining the leak found representatives of the “Samara distribution networks”, and later police found in the village and the miners. All equipment sealed up. The owner is unlikely for him to return.

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