CRYPTOMACH / Record inflation Ethereum, the announcement from Nvidia, the earnings on Coinhive and sagging market

Over the next week. She remembered the constant irregular cryptocurrency, intriguing teaser of a new generation of graphics cards from Nvidia and a lot of predictions on Bitcoin. It’s time to summarize the past seven days.

Time to buy: analysts predict new growth of Bitcoin

To worry about the depreciation of Bitcoin, no reason. Experts predict its growth in the future, so the current subsidence can be considered another good opportunity to purchase.

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The crypt in the Dorm: how bottom Bitcoin American students

For smart people, mining is always profitable. The fact that they do not pay for electricity. Did Patrick Sines from the University of Pennsylvania. He put the miner in the dormitory, made a pipe for removal of hot air and certainly recaptured the cost of University dining.

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As Bitmain mines coins in secret: the story of the developer SiaStats

Interesting data about the hidden side of the work Bitmain. Inside about the release of the Antminer A3 for SIA, activity pool Antpool and the secret mining of coins. It seems that the company is far less honest than she lets on.

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Ethereum inflation reached record heights. What will happen to bitcoin next?

Experts have reported about the record growth of inflation Ethereum. The community offers four solutions to the problem. We are talking about changing the rewards for the miners, and in both directions. As will happen in the end, time will tell.

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The monsters on the way. Nvidia tisera presentation — waiting for GTX or RTX 1180 2080?

Nvidia have released a video to remind you about the imminent presentation of the new devices. The event will take place in Cologne on 22 August. Judging by the contents of the video, the guide will present a model RTX 2080. Expect incredible performance for gaming and mining.

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Acne help: why falling Ethereum?

The Ethereum fell below $ 300. Says CEO of hedge Fund Capital BloomWater, it’s all about the organizers of the ICO. They collected a bunch of coins, and then merged them on the market. It seems that in the near future flippering cryptocurrency with Bitcoin is not going to happen.

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Why fall of Bitcoin and what course next? The comments of the Russian expert

The main cryptocurrency in the world was fixed at the level of 6 thousand dollars. According to Vladislav Antonov, the cause of the fall of course was the closing positions on the exchanges CME and CBOE large speculators. If BTC will not hold above support levels may drop to $ 3575.

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Lightning money: how much can you earn Lightning Network?

The owners of the nodes in the network LN will be rewarded BTC. The amounts are small, but still nice. For example, developer Alex Bosworth earned two dollars with the working node. In the future, the numbers may become more serious.

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How to lose money in the cryptocurrency. An example of life

Fans of cryptocurrencies often joke about wanting to sell the house, car and possessions in order to invest all the money in the crypt. As the example of a 32-year-old resident of Abu Dhabi, the idea is too risky. The man lost 85 percent of the savings due to the subsidence rates. I hope his suffering will pay off Here.

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Brian Kelly: bullish on Bitcoin will start very soon

Kryptopterus Kelly once again talking about the imminent growth of the crypts. The reason for this will become a massive drain short positions after the expiry of futures execution.

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How to make money on mining: the script Coinhive brings users 250 thousand dollars a month

Script Coinhive for covert mining was much more profitable than it seems. On average, users get about a quarter of a million dollars during the month. The earnings depends on the rate of Monero, but this figure is surprising.

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Vitalik against Arthur: the manipulation of the price of Ethereum’s guide BitMEX

Journalists admit the possibility of manipulation of the price of Ethereum on BitMEX. If the bulk of sales will continue, the value of ETH can drop even below $ 200.

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