CRYPTOMACH / Repeal of ban on mining in China, Bitcoin on the show, Colbert and forecast billionaire

This week China became the main source of important news in the world of cryptocurrency. The country has canceled plans to ban mining, while around the main manufacturer called ASIC Bitmain war began. During the last seven days we have also dealt with the work Tether USDT and chose suitable ways of earnings on the crypt. Remember the main thing.

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Why China is betting on the blockchain and what it portends?

China’s choice in favor of the blockchain was not accidental. According to analysts, while globally, the country is catching up and dependent in many niches. Now, the blockchain will reduce the technological gap, especially given the problems of Libres from Facebook.

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Three ways to earn on cryptocurrencies in 2019

Golden time to enter the niche of mining, and a rapid return after 2017 has not yet come. Therefore, mining contact wildest. Others may try less risky methods. For example, the coins in PoS or services cryptocurrency lending.

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How to use the USDT? A detailed analysis of stablon Tether

Dealt with Tether USDT. Remember the roots of the project, defined the role stablon in the world of cryptocurrency and at the same time understand the difference between USDT on Omni on Ethereum. In a lot of screenshots and useful data. Manual translation of coins on a Ledger too.

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China no longer plans to ban mining Bitcoin

Good news for all cryptodira: mining bitcoins and other coins are excluded from the list of activities to which the plan to “take preventive measures”. So while you can exhale. At the same time, the US government time to gain momentum in the technology race.

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Famous billionaire predicts another financial crisis

Billionaire ray Dalio spoke about the existing problems in the global economy. It’s funny, but most of his thesis coincided with the position of the fans of the cryptocurrency. According to the expert, the scenario of 2008 could be repeated.

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Is it possible to go a whole day using only bitcoins?

YouTube is good, especially with content such as Ryan Trahan. The teenager tried to live the day, using only BTC. The failures were, but success is also missing. Bitcoins can ride in a taxi and even rent accommodation. The video attached.

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How many bitcoins need to buy today to become a millionaire in the future?

According to cryptoanalysis Charlie Shrem, to change your life using bitcoin. We need to buy a certain number of coins and the long wait. But a few years don’t have anything to worry about.

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The dismissed co-founder of Bitmain promised to return control of the company

Drama in Bitmain continues. Fired Mikri Zhang spoke about the betrayal by the current government and even promised to give him a war. While the actions of co-founder is unknown, but the wait obviously will not last long. Zhang promised to act in the legal field.

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Scammers are trying to cash in on the double cryptocurrency Cardano

Scamera trying to extract investors ‘ money on the project Cardano Gold. Apparently, this is another fraud. Information was confirmed by staff present Cardano. It is also hinted photos of people in the column employees that do not have any relation to it.

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Bitcoin mentioned in one of the most popular American TV show

The week ended in victory: on Bitcoin and the blockchain remembered on “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert. Master talked about them in a humorous manner, but it turned out still good. In addition, the audience shows more than 3 million people, so the result is not exactly forthcoming.

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