CRYPTOMACH / Stupid loss cryptocurrencies on 30 thousand, the invisible miner and the problems of “the Creator of Bitcoin”

Last week was intense. Developers Beam had a successful hardwork and protect the network from ASIC. This coin was in the top of the profitability of production and has become quite popular for mining-pool 2Miners. Seven more days remembered the ridiculous loss big amount in the crypt, a good forecast on Bitcoin from Goldman Sachs and the “dust attack” on Litecoin. Remember the main thing.

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Bitcoin millionaire will tell us about his life and cryptocurrency in reality show

Become a millionaire due to early investment in Bitcoin — cool. However, your status can be used not only for purchases of lamb, but also for educational purposes. So did the co-founder of Augur Jeremy Gardner. Thanks to the show “the Chronicles of Cryptogamy” he wants to meet with cryptocurrencies the world.

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The Ethereum go up to thousands of dollars. Believes that most investors

Investors are counting on the growth of Ethereum. In their opinion, cryptocurrency Vitalik Buterin can still reach former heights. We took the comment from the expert and know the scenario where this is possible.

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As mine Beam? Features of cryptocurrency miner settings and the profitability of production

Dealt with the mining Beam. Met with key differences in the coins, found all the links for downloads, shared hashiratani cards and wrote out the correct settings. Now the cryptocurrency is in the top ranking in terms of profitability, so it is worth paying attention to.

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One of the largest investment banks in the world announced for Bitcoin

Representatives of Goldman Sachs shared his vision of the near future of Bitcoin. Analysts believe 13971 dollar for one BTC. In this regard, the subsidence rate of the coin can be considered an excellent opportunity to purchase.

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How to earn more bitcoins? Advice from a known trader

Trader Josh Rager told how to replenish their stocks of bitcoins. Alas, the method is not suitable for everyone, because trading on margin is very risky. The professionals use this tool, and even very successful.

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Bitcoin has fallen, why has this happened? Response cryptocurrency Analytics

This week course is the first cryptocurrency has dropped significantly — even today it is trading in the area of 10 thousand dollars. According to analysts, to blame is Bitcoin futures. Looking at the chart, the coin also needs to close the gap in the area of 8400 dollars.

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Five billion dollars: “the Creator of Bitcoin is a” big problem

Legal proceedings against Craig Wright is in full swing. Recall, the reason for the claim was the possible theft of 1.1 million bitcoins, although the plaintiff Ira Kleiman intends to sue $ 5 billion. Judging by what is happening, there are chances for that.

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Experts told about the hidden miner, which is impossible to detect

Hidden cryptocurrency miners have become smarter — they are now disabled when start task Manager. In other words, to discover them is almost impossible. By the way, the miner called Norman digs Monero XMR.

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Victims of the “dust attack” on Litecoin steel 294 thousand purses. Who is behind it?

From the activity of hackers has suffered a little more than 294 million holders of Litecoin. Most likely, the immediate danger is gone — the “dust attack” such as used for advertising. The scale of the action is impressive.

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“Virgin” bitcoins are worth at least 10 per cent more expensive than usual. What is the reason?

In the world of cryptocurrency has emerged a new trend: some users are hunting for just namelennym bitcoins that have not yet participated in the transaction. Thus they conceal their identities and do not risk to open up. For the sake of people are even ready to pay.

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The journalist lost 30 thousand dollars in bitcoin because of children’s errors

To be rich does not mean to be prudent. BBC journalist Monty Manford kept in the crypt of the equivalent of 30 thousand dollars, but for some reason decided to store the keys in the mail account. Together with the cracking disappeared and coins. Monty is very angry.

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Why launch Bakkt is the best event for Bitcoin investors?

Became known the preliminary date of launch Bitcoin futures platform Bakkt — it will happen on September 23. Tell why the event will be very loud for all cryptocurrency investors.

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