CRYPTOMACH / Successful fork of Anonymous, drop Hasrat Ethereum and mysterious plums 50 thousand bitcoins

Sunday — time to take stock of the week. In the world of cryptocurrency for this traditionally responsible Cryptomach. Today, remember about the fork Bitcoin and Zclassic, review Vitalik Buterin to their own statements and unusual behavior of the main coins.

What a coincidence: the price of Bitcoin repeats dynamics of gold trading

Analysts noted the similarity of the behavior of the prices of Bitcoin and gold. Schedule the first cryptocurrency movement is clearly reminiscent of the precious metal for the past 43 years. Experts believe that sooner or later BTC will replace gold.

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Analysts with wall street: Bitcoin will never return to 20 thousand dollars

The experts shared a disappointing forecast for the Bitcoins. For example, Dan Roberts from Yahoo Finance thinks the ceiling for BTC mark in 15 thousand dollars. This analyst recognizes the potential of niches and allow for its growth.

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Doodlies: 27 out of 100 of cryptocurrency per day are used by more than 400 people

Kevin Hand told about the use of cryptocurrencies. According to him, every day at least 400 users applied a total of 27 coins out of 100. In the race to lead the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. Here the number of operations reaches 135 thousand.

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The invisible enemy: who or what will put an end to Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is deservedly considered invulnerable cryptocurrency. But the situation can change — we know at least seven things that can kill BTC. Which of them will ultimately be decisive?

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Hasrat, Ethereum has fallen by almost 10 percent. What will happen to the miners?

The depreciation of the ETH forced the miners to other coins. The solution is easy to understand, because today on mining the same coin at average electricity rates goes around $ 150.

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What is the weakness of Ethereum? The view of Nobel laureate

The Ethereum was one of the main themes of the week. About it spoke the famous economist Nouriel Roubini. In his opinion, the weakest point of cryptocurrency is an inefficient use of the opportunities of decentralized applications.

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Fork Anonymous Bitcoin has been a success. Where mine the coin ANON?

Early on the morning of Tuesday the birth of a new coin — Anon. Despite the problems after launch, now the cryptocurrency successfully Melnitsa. Masternode on 2Masternodes dismantled faster than hot cakes.

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Bad example: as a family of Tokyo has invested in Bitcoin and lost their savings because of the FOMO syndrome

The owners of the crypts have either hudlite to the end, or not at all humlity. An intermediate option threat that has proven family of Japan. Despite a decent income, its members have problems with budgeting. Games with cryptocurrency only worsened the situation.

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Bitcoin behaves like in 2015. What is the result?

Analysts noted the similarity in the behavior of Bitcoin in this and 2015. The graphics really look like that gives hope for a decent growth coins this fall. Recurrence has not been canceled.

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Acne Buterin explained his words about the end of growth of the stock market. What did he mean by that?

Not long ago, the Creator of Ethereum said that cryptocurrencies there is the potential for 1,000-fold growth. Turns out he was referring to their classes, because in this case the capitalization of coins will account for 70 percent of all global Finance.

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Time on the moon: three sign that the cryptocurrency will soon begin to grow

The future of cryptocurrency seems rosy. Speaking in favor of this three factors, which should lead to growth rates and market capitalization. Waiting for the moon together.

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Will come true if the forecast? Analyst predicted the Ethereum $ 2,000 by year-end

The price tag ETH is expected to grow to $ 2,000 by year-end. This convinced the founder ConsenSys Capital Andrew Keyes. He also verified that the capitalization Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin.

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Again puzzles: Bitcoin crashed due to an unknown whale. He poured 50500 coins BTC

The depreciation of the BTC in late August associated with the actions of large anonymous market player. During the week he spent 50 50500 transactions in bitcoins. The total wallet balance is estimated at 111 thousand coins. It is not excluded that the intensified former members of SilkRoad.

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