CRYPTOMACH / The richest Bitcoin wallets, mining-experiment and shock after halving

Beginning of July was successful. We conducted an interesting mining experiment lasting a week: picked up three computers with different graphics cards, digging the coins without interruption, and summarized the results in terms of profitability. In addition, over the last seven days in the office Tron was visited by an angry mob, the Creator of Litecoin promised after the shock of halving, and the complexity of extraction of BTC grew at a steep pace. By the way, it does not hurt to try mine bitcoins on a 45-year-old device.

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How much money the 10 richest Bitcoin wallets?

At least 95 percent of all bitcoins are stored in three per cent of existing wallets. This means that the situation with the distribution of cryptologists virtually indistinguishable from piatogo the world. Looked in the richest purses and found out how much money is there.

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Office Tron came the police and an angry mob of people. What’s going on?

On Monday at the Beijing office Tron was the police and the protesters. The first defended the employees of the company, the second accused the project of Justin Sana’a in connection with a pyramid scheme. Spoiler: Tron is neither here nor there.

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How much it costs to send a million dollars in Bitcoin?

Understand the principle of sending bitcoins and selection of the optimal amount of the fee for the transaction. By the way, the translation million dollar in BTC can do in as much as a billion.

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What is the effect of FOMO, or Why wait when Bitcoin will rise to 80 thousand dollars?

Fear of lost opportunities or FOMO — the eternal companion of the cryptocurrency market. Investors see the rapid growth rates and for the sake of obtaining their share of the pie thrown in the attachment. This often results in a loss of funds.

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The complexity of Bitcoin mining grows at an incredible pace. What does it mean?

The rapid growth rate of Bitcoin since April, attracting more players. Speaking in favor of this new historical highs Hasrat network, that is, its computing power and complexity of mining. It turns out that to get BTC now hard as ever. The network security is higher than ever.

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Bitcoin could mine on the device, which was created 45 years to cryptocurrency

Developer Ken Shiriff decided to try mine Bitcoin on-Board control computer (AGC) used in the command and lunar modules of the mission “Apollo”. Sounds strange, but it all turned out. The only negative — too slow calculation speed. To compete with modern ASIC device just can not.

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Experiment: minim cryptocurrency gaming computer. How much did you earn?

Many bring home computers for a week of mining? Got the answer practical method. In our experiment involved machines with the GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080 ti ti. All the details inside.

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After halving Litecoin miners cryptocurrency waiting for the shock

The maker of Litecoin Charlie Lee predicted a shock to the entire system after reducing the rewards for the block two times. Event expect in the next month.

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Bitcoin has fallen by almost $ 2000 in half a day. What’s next?

The week will also be remembered for the rapid subsidence of Bitcoins. From Wednesday to Thursday , the cryptocurrency fell by almost $ 2,000. This surprised even seasoned Hodler.

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Bitcoin is cheaper 40 thousand dollars by the end of the year can be considered an anomaly. Why?

The end of the year for holders of Bitcoin will certainly be enjoyable. According to the Peterson model, you can count on 30-40 thousand dollars per BTC. It turns out that the first cryptocurrency is still about 250 percent growth in stock.

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Why people should buy at least a tiny fraction of Bitcoin?

According to Thomas Lee, Bitcoin can be compared to black caviar for hedge funds. Cryptocurrency is growing at a solid pace and not paying attention to the negativity in the world economy.

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The sharp fall of Bitcoin have used the richest traders of cryptocurrencies

Major players in the cryptocurrency market Bitcoin drop was a holiday. The vast majority of so-called whales buying crypto-currency for the “reduced” price. It turns out that the coins once again passed from the less affluent layers of the cryptocurrency companies to the rich.

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