CRYPTOMACH / the Sad experience of the loss of cryptocurrencies, problems IOTA and influence of Kalinga on the exchange rate of Bitcoin

Last seven days for the niche cryptocurrency was good. Bitcoin was above 10 thousand dollars most of the week, and some altcoins were given significant growth. In this regard inside the community have heard talks about bullrun, Jinhua and other artifacts successful hedla. The experts also talked about halving the first cryptocurrency, and the coin holders have shared their stories of loss criptocardiini.

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Bitcoin can surpass the gold after halving

Representatives of cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase look forward to the approach of halving of Bitcoin — that is, reducing the award for his unit twice. According To Mike, the procedure will allow the first cryptocurrency to surpass the gold. In fact it is the same precious metal, but it can “pass through wires”.

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Analytical Agency Weiss Ratings raised the rating of Bitcoin

The Agency Weiss Ratings changed the rating of the first crypto currencies: now it is evaluated at A-. The reasons for the increase in points were the improvement in the fundamental factors of the coin, its growth rate and the approach of Kalinga, after which, according to tradition waiting for the new bullrun.

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Why Bitcoin maximalists Tron advertise on Twitter?

This week’s unexpected support on Twitter got Tron, and the project has popularized the so-called Bitcoin maximalists. As it turns out, the problems with the team Ethereum, which was opposed to the project of Justin’s Dignity.

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How was lunch with Warren Buffett: story party

The representative of the trading platform eToro Yoni Assia visited for lunch with Warren Buffett and his impressions. Judging by the statements of kryptoperidinium, the investor believes the technology of the blockchain is valuable, the company allegedly did not use it properly. Cryptocurrency Buffett still does not like.

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Whether halving send Bitcoin cryptocurrency rate on the moon?

Relation to the prospects of Bitcoin after halving are divided into two versions: some believe the rally in prices after the procedure, others believe its is already included in the course. Choose the correct variant is impossible, because it will show time. However, with the experts to see exactly need.

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Almost the entire mining industry of Bitcoin is controlled by only four companies

Today the vast majority of ASIC miners for Bitcoin mining create four companies: Bitmain, MicroBT, Canaan and Ebang. Now their market share is 95 percent, but over time, experts predict a strengthening of the position.

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People lose their cryptocurrency: the most sad stories from real life

For loss of cryptocurrencies is not necessary to put the private keys in open access: it is enough to make the other unpleasant actions. For example, the time to transfer coins to the exchange, which will be closed. Or sell them just before the growth stage. Scenarios enough.

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Cryptocurrency price indexes: what they do and how they work?

Dealt with the work of price index for the cryptocurrency, that is, on the type CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Inside information inside the index, unlike the traditional stock indices and even the principle of calculating the rate of the cryptocurrency.

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Arbitrage trading cryptocurrency: how it works and why you need

Then came the turn to get acquainted with the arbitration coins. The article mentioned disadvantages and risks of the method used in the arbitration metrics and the popularity of the tool in a recess of the blockchain.

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The fed called cryptocurrency “gigantic garbage dump”

Shelf in the world of cryptocurrency has arrived: now he was a President of the US Federal Reserve in Minneapolis Neil Kashkari. For some reason he insulted niche cryptocurrency, and referred to them as “gigantic garbage dump”. And he said, what is not given BTC to my daughter.

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IOTA users faced problems due to hacking cryptocurrency wallet

Network IOTA had serious problems that even forced the developers to put it on pause. The reason for such a serious interference in the work of crypto-currencies was the hacking of the purse Trinity, which is the official solution from IOTA Foundation.

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