Cryptomelane was extaudiofile from Morocco to the U.S. after stealing $ 36 million investors

Last week, Europol arrested 11 alleged members of a criminal group suspected of laundering drug money through cryptocurrency. According to police, the detainees spent using digital money to about $ 8 billion. In the case of Briton Senkivka Haddow everything is much more modest — he was deported from Morocco to USA for stealing $ 36 million from investors of the Bitcoin CRYPTOMAGAZINE Store and Bar Works. This writes

The arrest of the criminals. Involved cryptocurrency

With the accusations against Haddow was the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC). According to the regulator, the owner concealed his participation in the management of the Bitcoin Store and Bar Works because of the “dark past”. In fact, he has appropriated 80 percent of the money invested in the project, and some of them brought to Mauritius and Morocco.

Haddow was sent to negotiate Trustees and in the presentation of the Bitcoin Store pointed heads, which actually did not exist. The project he called “simple and secure way of storing Bitcoin”. In fact, he ran the companies itself, but Bitcoin Store and Bar Works was far from the financial figures contained in the presentations, said the SEC.

The entrepreneur has been indicted on two counts of fraud. In the amount of Haddow faces up to 40 years in prison.

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