Cryptomnesia said that made him turn away from Bitcoin

German-Finnish Internet entrepreneur and political activist Kim Dotcom has expressed the uncertainty in the resistance community in favour of Bitcoin. Dotcom, who is working on the same cryptoprocta, supported the advocate Bitcoin Cash Roger Faith and noted the presence of innovation in the community cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash.

Recall, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a fork of Bitcoin. Proponents of the first cryptocurrencies criticized the project and its Creator Roger Faith. Latest including BCH is positioned as a real Bitcoin. Because of this, some beginners buy BCash. For clarity, we show a screenshot of the project website.

The home page of adherents BCash. Source:

Kim Dotcom participated in a podcast On The Record with the trader cryptocurrency derivatives Tony Wacom statistician and Willie Wu. He said the following.

I look at today’s reality of cryptocracy and see these constant fights. Because of this struggle and toxicity is not recognized as a real innovation, they pass by.

He further noted that this opposition is detrimental to the reputation of the entire crypto community, causing “fierce fighting” between prominent figures of the industry.

According to Dotcom, the cryptocurrency industry is still too small. Because only 2 percent of Internet users are familiar with the cryptocurrency sector firsthand. In turn, the statistician Willie Wu said that in the near future this figure may increase to 16 percent or more. However, Kim believes that at the end of mass adoption can be achieved Cash Bitcoin, not the Bitcoin.

New users don’t know anything about the old squabbles about this toxic atmosphere in cryptosuite. They will likely begin to use the coin, which will be able to offer the small fee, the fast transactions and high reliability. And, unfortunately, at this stage it is not BTC.

Roger Ver. Source: Live Coin Watch

Dotcom said that he managed to talk with Roger Ver – an ardent supporter of fork of Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash. In his opinion, the founder of the famous community site was able to move a step ahead of everyone else.

Roger is working on some really cool things. At least from the point of view of security and privacy. And I fully agree with his reasoning: to become a successful cryptocurrency, you need to provide a quick and cheap transaction and there can be other ways. To establish itself as a digital repository of values is great, but to lead the industry, you need to become an electronic money.

The Choice Of Bitcoin. Source: 2Биткоина

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At Dotcom had plans to participate in the cryptocurrency game, but he faced some obstacles after he canceled a planned IEO of crypto currency exchange Bitfinex. He also has a brewing problem in the form of extradition to the US where he is wanted in the case of copyright infringement. Dotcom himself until some time advocated the popularization of Bitcoin in the background of a potential collapse of Fiat currencies.

The defeat of the Fiat. Source: 2Биткоина

By the way, to trust Roger ver is also quite dangerous. Especially after the recent activity of the founder of HEX – fraudulent project, which Faiths actively advertised and promoted as a successful investment. Recall, he salatil coin on their exchange, that is, allowing users to buy it. In the HEX has collapsed.

The toxicity data in the Bitcoin community is partly true. In the first half of January, the community fell out a new project called Nakamoto. Then the user decided to find out who should not be allowed to a given resource, because some of the participants are not very well apply to Bitcoin. Because of this community even originated meme about the so-called “propiconazol”.

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