Cryptopia again. When the traders get their money back?

Representatives of Cryptopia is again out on bond — the exchange now has detailed explanations regarding the most asked questions on liquidation. We will remind, in the beginning of this year Cryptopia has undergone to hacker attack, during which he suffered huge losses. A few months later, the exchange’s management admitted that they will not be able to cope with the consequences of hacking.

How to get cryptocurrency with Cryptopia?

Now trades on the site is available and the Deposit and withdrawal of funds blocked. The exchange will not return to the crypt to customers before the end of the investigation of the hacking incident. While the company, in cooperation with the authorities determines the exact amount of damage.

How long will the investigation?

According to preliminary estimates of the representatives of Cryptopia, the process can take months.

Why not bring the coins that the hackers did not steal?

The hacking affected the entire exchange as a whole, therefore, its activity is completely frozen. Experts and liquidators want to get an accurate picture of what happened.

Will there be bidding on Cryptopia again?

At the moment the leadership of the exchange has no intention to open a trading. They again asked to refrain users from entering of funds in their accounts. Cryptopia also won’t deliberately to ask for additional deposits. All such requests should be considered a Scam.

What to do if you accidentally sent the coins to the exchange?

Cryptocurrency until you return, even if they were sent by accident. Will have to wait for the completion of the investigation.

Is it possible to get a screenshot of my account?

No. Representatives of the exchange will not engage in such manipulation until the investigation is completed.

How to return the money? In the crypt or Fiat?

At the moment it is not yet clear. Stay tuned to your mailbox and also in our cryptodata.


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