Cryptopia: no attack 51% was not. Then where did the money go?

Team AurumCoin argues that the exchange Cryptopia will never recognize the attack 51 percent, of which 16 thousand AU token was sent to someone else’s wallet. At the time of writing, the amount was equivalent to 334 thousand dollars. Theft token-caused the community concern about the safety of the exchange, however, Cryptopia rejects any claims about the attack. Now users of the stock exchange unsuccessfully trying to return the stolen coins. It is not clear the tokens is lost in the translation to the exchange or still in withdrawals. Affected can only sympathize.

According to representatives of the network, if we are talking about alternative cryptocurrencies, one of the obvious threats to a network is attack 51%. Any network is vulnerable, but not all network attacks. In such situations, the question always arises about who is responsible for the missing coins and how this situation will be resolved. It is important to remember that the crypto currency exchange may not take responsibility for what happened. Especially if there is something they can’t control.

As noted on Nulltx if the stolen coins were in the hands of a hacker, then return them to the users would be virtually impossible. If transactions are not displayed in the network, the exchange is exactly required to compensate for all the stolen funds to its users. At the moment it is unclear what will happen with AurumCoin and missing tokens.

Such cases once again show how dangerous it is to store scriptactive on the stock exchanges. Centralized exchanges are always associated with certain risks, many of them quite vulnerable. Over the past year and a half the attack 51 percent also occurred on the network Bitcoin and Gold Verge. Although Cryptopia maybe not guilty, the hostage situation turned out to be its users. More data look at cryptodata.

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