Cryptoseal is not yet over. The opinion of the native wall street

The former Executive Director of the company with wall street and the current blockchain-Explorer Tony Weiss expressed skepticism about the end cryptogamy. The opinion he voiced during an interview with Cointelegraph. As a former financial analyst with banking giant JPMorgan, Weiss showed distrust of recent mileage on kaptarenko. According to experts, it is necessary first to examine how much “foreign money” flowed in cryptoprotection — and they turned out to be not so much.

A consultant from the world of blockchain argues the recent reversal of the long-term bearish trend with the support of domestic capital. He claims in space are many who prefer to accumulate cryptocurrency, and not to sell. If hontarov once again a good scare, prices will fly down as quickly as it rose. It also condemns all who call upon now to buy bitcoins.

I’d rather be safe than apologies for the wrong advice.

During the interview he also commented on the betting 250 thousand dollars, which was offered in March on Twitter. The essence of the dispute lay in the fact that before halving Bitcoin in 2024 coin needs more time to fall off to $ 2,000. As a native of the wall street now says that the script with such a fall was unlikely. However, it completely cannot be ruled out.

How is Bitcoin?

This morning the price of the largest cryptocurrencies is 7993 dollars, that is growth per day was approximately 0.3 percent. Since the beginning of the year Bitcoin has risen by 153 percent, ahead in gold, bonds and other traditional assets.

By the way, is now growing increasingly Litecoin. Today the coin has set a new local record at 140 dollars. Read more about the profitability of mining LTC after halving cryptocurrency written here.

What do you think, does it make sense to fear for the continuation of the bear market and really BTC is able to collapse to $ 2000? Share thoughts in our cryptodata.

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