Cryptostigmata: Lightning Network is gaining popularity on Twitter

Company Fidelity Investments gave the Lightning Torch, a kind of alternative Olympic torch in the crypt. We will remind, the so-called flash mob using Lightning Network, launched by criptonita Hodlonaut. He first sent a small payment of 10 000 Satoshi in LN his friend, who had to add another 10,000 Satoshi and pass money down the chain.

Cash relay

The analogy with the Olympic torch is extremely simple. If the user receives the transaction during the flash mob, it needs to add to her total of 10 000 Satoshi from yourself and pass along the crypt to his friend. This point is also important, because if you send bitcoins to a stranger, a high probability of “breaking” the chain.

Hodlonaut started my flash mob for more than a month ago, but this time no one interrupted his initiative. People continue to pass each other, Satoshi and the amount is growing like a snowball.

It passed even the founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey. About one of the transactions reported an elderly 88-year-old grandmother of one of the participants, cryptocommunist. From the hands of the same Fidelity Lightning Torch moved on to the Harvard School Blockchain & Crypto Club. Local fans of the blockchain are just preparing to hold a conference at the University devoted to the cryptocurrency.

In the foreseeable future the user base Lightning Network may grow to the global scale. Given the rapid development of technology in 2018, she was unable to prevent even the longest bear trend in history of Bitcoin.

The emergence of Fidelity in the flashmob speaks to the genuine interest of major investors in the crypt. We will remind, in the management of the company is more than 7.2 trillion dollars worth of assets. In October last year, the leadership of Fidelity has announced the launch of Fidelity Digital Asset Services, a special platform for important capital market players.


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