Crytek talks about the importance of storage drive SSD for next-generation home


For the first time ever, the devices will the next generation of home of Sony and Microsoft’s Playstation 5 and Xbox Scarlett review volume SSD (or Solid State Drive) rather than the volume of conventional HDD, and no doubt the speed difference is big between them, in addition to the lower costs First, are the main reasons behind it.

The company Crytek is German and at a meeting with wccftech, confirmed that what will change the rules of the game among all the developments, coming on the gear is a unit of storage SSD, which will lead to the elimination of long loading times only, but will open the door to design games in a different way, taking its speed and large into account, which will allow the experiences more developed.

In addition, this also depends on the developments necessary for development, and that you should try these improvements in technology to deliver the desired results.

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