Cuba finally began to access the internet via mobile phone for its citizens

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كوبا بدأت أخيرا في إتاحة الإنترنت عبر الهاتف المحمول لمواطنيها

The Republic of Cuba today access the internet via mobile phones for specific users of its citizens, according to the assessment agency Reuters, the move is considered huge for the island of communism in the Caribbean, between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, which includes about 11.5 million inhabitants, and it comes with the aim of spreading the service Nationwide by the end of the current year, and the US Federal Communications Commission indicates that access is always going to be slow, and costs about two dollars US per hour.

The journalists working at news outlets that are run by the state are among the early cases on the internet via mobile phone this year, which make it a monopoly Telecommunications Company of the Cuban National ETECSA, as part of a wider campaign for greater access to the internet, so after that he said the new president, Miguel de the Miguel Diaz-Canel said that it should strengthen the economy and help the Cubans in defense of their revolution.

Analysts say that the access to the internet on a wider scale will ultimately lead to a weakening of government control over the information that reaches people in a one-party state, which monopolized the media, said Yuri photo new Yuris Norido, who speaks on behalf of many news sites that are run by the state: “it was a radical change, I can now refresh the news from any place to Live, including the place of occurrence of the news”.

According to the telecommunications company Cuban National, has enabled some clients, including companies, embassies, from the purchase data plans mobile since December, and announced ETECSA they will continue to Internet via mobile phone for all mobile phone clients, numbering 5 million, i.e. nearly half of the population of Cuba, by the end of this year.

Late of Cuba access to the internet due to lack of money or the US trade embargo, long-term or worries about the flow of information, the internet, until 2013, made available to the public only in the tourist hotels in Cuba, but since then the government has tried to make greater contact priority, wherein the introduced Internet cafes and about 400 points wireless Wi-Fi connection and started slowly in the house is connected to the web.

Defended Miguel Diaz was on this issue long before he took office as the successor to Raul Castro in April, said in front of the Parliament in the month of July last, when he was Vice President: “we need to be able to put the content revolution on the internet”, adding that the Cubans, therefore, they can face large amount of cultural content false and vulgar.

Analysts said Cuba has used subsidies to encourage the use of applications sponsored by the government, as it launched the company, ETECSA, in the last month the messaging application free own Cuba labeled by Todus, as is the intranet for Cuba, which includes a small number of sites approved by the government e-mail, much cheaper than access to the internet.

The Cuban government said in a document leaked 2015 on the internet strategy, it’s aim to connect half of the homes at least by 2020, and 60 percent of the phones, but many Cubans are skeptical of it, said Meyer free Mayra Arevich, President of the telecommunications company of the Cuban National ETECSA media administered by the state in the month of December, she didn’t win only 11 thousand homes in the last year.

The price will be the largest limitations for many, where the charge points are currently hot One dollar per hour, and it wasn’t clear what that will support most of the Cubans versus the mobile web, but the company ETECSA imposed on companies and embassies $ 45 a month for a package of 4 GB, while the average monthly wages of the state is about $ 30.

It should be noted that at the time you move in most countries of Latin America to the fourth generation networks 4G/LTE, with the entry of the fifth-generation networks the stages of the final test, the Cuba you now install the technology for third generation networks.

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