Cupertino, Apple campus, 16 Oct 2014

On 9 October the “favorites” were invited to participate in the next (third) press conference Apple. As usual, the phrase on the front of the invitation is not even hinted at the theme (or themes) of the conference: “It’s been too long”. The phrase and the design of the invitation was criticized to the nines, having come to the conclusion that under Steve it just couldn’t be. Critics were few, but their voices are heard and, as I thought, ignored. This aspect was not even discussed. I it’s no crime not seen, and the mysterious meaninglessness slogans – tradition. This is even less clear, so what? This is what they wanted.

The front side of the invitation:

Most people understood everything and began to actively discuss, which was not too long. Apple TV and Mac mini. Almost guessed.

I assumed other: came for the second “Golden master” of OS X Yosemite, which is a million voluntary beta-testers “tortured” almost all summer and half of autumn, to the absolute ideal of her was far away – but Steve in 1983 said about the first Mac: “The real artists ship”. In the autumn of 1983 in a Mac and in his system still had a lot of problems, including extremely unpleasant. Offer again to postpone the release of the computer Steve was rejected.

I also guessed. But what is “too long” meant “Apple” creatives I don’t know.

Assumptions were many: iMac with Retina display and Thunderbolt display with Retina resolution, the new iPad (with a more powerful processor), possibly a new iPad mini. MacBook with Retina-display with a diagonal of 12 inches.

City hall in the campus of the Apple headquarters accommodates far fewer people than the traditional venue for the autumnal press conferences. The honorable and prestigious to get an invitation to the press conference.

At 10 a.m. Pacific time press conference was opened.

Leakage, safety and the chief of the Apple Gestapo

Since 2012, Apple’s policy in the field of information security has changed.

Measures to ensure security have become less draconian. The company is no longer conducting the searches, staff have not followed outside the company, about rooms with no Windows with soundproof walls nothing more was heard.

And diversion: how many times in 2012-13, there were leaks, it would seem, is simply inconceivable in years past. Among other top secret information the public domain were data on reductions in the “group loyalty”, which, as he knew almost all of them were in fact security service.

Apple was even accused of levity.

In vain. In 2014 it became clear that the security service Apple copes with its responsibilities. The lack of information on its activities says nothing.

Apple was still the secrets, they are still very professional in hiding, and gossip about the agents “group loyalty” still worried about the world.

16 October 2014, Craig Federighi, senior Vice President of Apple software Macs and iOS devices, demonstrating the magic of Continuity, live and in the process, reported the existence of the Apple in the secret service, and the name of its head: Stephen Colbert. And even called him from my Mac.

And succeeding Craig on stage, Tim cook suggested that now Stefan will stop the leak.

The secret service Apple out of the shadows?

Stephen Colbert is a famous American humorist, satirist, and televeduschiy. He has written several books, the joke ran for the post of the Senator from South Carolina. And for the post of President of the United States.

According to those that worked at Apple in 2014, there’s still everything was very good, though the methods become more subtle. The status of “absolute secrecy” for some time applied only to some projects, not all.

What was and what was not

OS X Yosemite, which waited a very long time (but not for too long – I’ve had worse), was released.

Came out and iOS 8.1 with Apple Pay, and not only with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. NFC in the iPhone 5/5c/5s were not – but with the Apple Watch (where the NFC chip was and worked fine) support for Apple Pay and provided them.

As of October 16, iOS 8 was the most popular version of iOS in the world. It was installed on 48% of iOS devices. iOS 7 is on 46%. Since the release of iOS 8 in light in less than a month, and its launch was accompanied by an unpleasant for Apple events.

As everyone knows, iOS 8 was released September 17, 2014. Because of the huge number of bugs on September 24 have had to release iOS 8.0.1. A common practice, but this time the bug-fix was catastrophic: in iOS 8.0.1 has stopped working Touch ID and cellular connection. Some of the iOS devices. Phone that does not work cellular communication is…

Apple warned about it on all available channels, urging them not to install iOS 8.0.1 – and those who had made it encouraged to return to iOS 8.0. Have you ever had to roll back to previous iOS version?

On 25 September, having spent another sleepless night, engineers from Cupertino has rolled out iOS 8.0.2, which Touch ID and cellular connection worked as expected.

The rest – the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, new iMac’and (including the long-awaited iMac with 5K Retina display), and the new Mac mini – we will discuss separately and in detail.

In the online shop Department tablets, the range was rich as ever:

There was not a Retina MacBook or radically updated Apple TV, no…

The long-awaited event did not last long (so the audience do not have to wait too long for completion?), a little less than one hour and twenty minutes.

Craig Federighi is the greatest comedian of the 21st century, but to insist on this personal opinion, I will not. On taste and color a full room of people, as you know.

Here is a video of the Apple press conference: (duration 01:19:08)

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