Curiosity is on the Ground. Ufologists have accused NASA of fraud because of pictures from Mars

Experts studying the UFO phenomenon, I suspect the American space Agency NASA’s deception of the century. One of the photos, recently obtained from the surface of the red planet by the Mars Rover “Curiosity” in the camera lens was hit by a strange flying object. In form it resembles a flying eagle. Did NASA really deceives us, or someone just has a very strong imagination?

On Mars is life?

The Rover “Curiosity”

Mars science laboratory “Curiosity” has been studying Mars since 2012. During this time, the Rover managed to make some interesting discoveries and research. For example, he found an unusual meteor, methane, clay, an ancient Martian lake was engaged in the study of Gale crater. The device frequently sends pictures of the surface of Mars to Earth taking a selfie.

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Interestingly, the progress of the mission, as well as the fact of its existence have tried many times to doubt.

For example, recently controversy was a picture posted on the NASA website in June. Ufologist Scott Warring reported that the photo was discovered a strange object, similar to… the soaring eagle.

As indicated by the Warringah first “flying anomaly,” said the Argentine “expert on UFOs” Marcelo Irazusta. According to ufologists, seen can become “another proof” of the existence of life on Mars. Or, conversely, proves that the American space Agency are all cheats and the Rover, in fact, is on the Ground, on a small, isolated canadian island of Devon. And caught in the frame the bird in turn is a common terrestrial bird.

“Or on Mars there are living entities, or — although I don’t like the idea, but it also needs to take into account — the Rover may not be on the red planet, and the canadian Devon island,” wrote Waring in his blog.

Warring explained that NASA uses the Devon island as a platform for testing new space technologies as the landscape of the island is very reminiscent of the Red planet. In addition, here, the Agency is examining issues related to how people will be able to exist in conditions of Mars.

On Devon island NASA tests new technologies and conducts some research related to the Mars

From the point of view of science

To explain the observed “something” in the picture is very simple. Soaring eagle actually can be: an ordinary camera flash, highly charged particles of cosmic rays, or simply reflected sunlight, and not some “anomaly”.

You can choose any option. But the most likely is cosmic rays (radiation). The fact that the atmospheric density of Mars is less than 1% of the Earth so it does not protect the planet from solar and other types of radiation. This radiation can affect the operation of optical equipment, creating so-called image artifacts.

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