Curriculum with high quality learning foreign languages through the application of Bose Busuu

اللغات الأجنبية عبر تطبيق بوسو Busuu

The best thing in this app is appropriate for beginners is the quality of the lessons and the quality of translation into Arabic, We note that the translation to Arabic translation is accurate and beautiful and so it movements the hole and squeezing and breakage and all that.

Of course this is a problem facing a lot of websites and apps is the lack of precision when translating into Arabic .

Foreign language through the application of Bose Busuu

Application Busuu one of the apps and sites famous and old in this area, let’s discover the best what sets it apart the first thing you should know is that the app is free, but not all of the content and lessons contained in this product is free and some requires a paid subscription and subscribe to have either police or prison, and I think the annual subscription price is reasonable as far as the quality of this app and even if you don’t participate in the paid, content free much great can use.

A second piece of information about this application is that it can move between lessons without to meet specific test unlike other apps. Choose the level at which trade to begin learning directly. We note the adoption application on flash cards or words and phrases that you should stimulate its.

The second advantage is that it gives you the word, but among you are such as relate to words alone, of course, with audio and with listening then you click on the icon below to listen to the phrase as an example of the use of this word, and this point is calculated for this app as I told you, you will find a translation into Arabic in almost all the parts and is the translation accurate and high-quality then you can test yourself in knowing these words and so continue until the complement of this activity, and move activity to another to keep learning.

Another advantage is the auditing feature found in the bottom when you click on it you will find words that you learned in the lessons has been added to here and, of course, these words don’t come singly but rather with her sentence.

Another feature we use in this app is the share feature with other users where you can make friends and meet people from different countries of the world via the app, as this part is a compendious phrase for the help participatory you speak Arabic you’ll find the people are Arab and they either write sentences, phrases or speak a sound and you correct them of their mistakes or leave them notes, and you also can be involved in this activity but I did not find this characteristic within the app, but its present in the website.

And for the record only you can learn through the website or through the app, there are properties a bit more in the site .

The general impression that we can about this app is that the quality of lessons and the quality of the translation into Arabic is excellent .

To download the app

busuu: Learn Languages

Curriculum with high quality learning foreign languages through the application of Bose Busuu

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