Curve: on wall street does not want the private keys, so we got rid of them

Cryptomeria Curve has introduced a new service working with digital assets for institucionales. According to the information, it will provide financial institutions and enterprises, the decision to store them with the ability to instantly access and conversions. Moreover, the platform provides for full autonomy and eliminates the need for private keys.

Curve representatives claim that their project allows institutional players to get rid of complex mechanisms using private keys and simply take advantage of the digital assets in their investment portfolio. According to reports, this was possible thanks to “a simple distributed method security and transaction signing”.

In particular, the Curve uses the protocols of the confidential computation (MPC), which quickly and securely sign transactions distributed way. This allows you to protect against cyber breaches, physical damage and insider collusion. Curve is cloud-based software service that allows institutions to determine the risk profiles and implement a detailed control over each employee, computer, or wallet.

Aside from the loud technical terms, we can see how the company is trying to say “institutional investors do not necessarily own their own private keys”. The statements in the official press release also appear to be quite General.

Source: Curve

As stated by the founder and CEO of Curve Itay Malinger, the company focused on unlocking the potential of blockchain technology through a revolutionary approach to security of digital assets.

We give customers the ability to securely integrate and manage all of your digital assets, easy to trade and grow in the digital world.

Despite the fact that the press release is not particularly full of technical data, the project managed to attract 6.5 million dollars of funding from companies Team8, Digital Currency Group and others. The service will be available in subscription format in less than a month — March 25, 2019. More data look at cryptodata.

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