Custom application for Facebook Beta

تطبيق مخصص للالعاب

To be exclusively users, enthusiasts games . The Facebook has launched a special application for the games on Google Play and IOS to get the Watch, Share, and Play Games
The application of his idea supports both what is available from the general on Messenger but but it in Beta save him a lot of advantages.

In every way, and it’s in the early stages of experimentation and testing, the management of Facebook available exclusively to users from certain countries is available on the app stores without the possibility to improve it for everyone.

If you’re a fan of Facebook games, you can go away and from where. As it is known, the website Apkmirror no preference to enable these apps in case you haven’t the user can access them through the stores.

Link to the app on the Google Store Watch, Share, and Play Games

In order to download it from Apkmirror Watch, Share, and Play Games

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Custom application for games of Facebook Beta

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