Cut It: Brain Puzzles — a thorough workout for the brain

On the street autumn, which every day becomes more and more violent. The brain reacts to the situation accordingly. He thinks about warm clothes and sadly recalls the warm summer days, whose offensive has yet to wait. Tune into work or study does not work, therefore there is a risk of a scolding from his superiors or teachers. To avoid problems will help Cut It. In the game you learn to think several steps ahead and how should we warm up the gray matter for the upcoming labor.

Description of the game offers to become a “cutting master”. In addition, the developers promise to improve your logical thinking with the help of hundreds of unique levels.

The task is to Cut It simple. Each level must contain a couple of stars and a few geometric shapes. Our task is to collect all the stars. To do this, make the objects touch them.

Tools — only the dotted line, which cuts geometric shapes. Look at the level. Located in the middle of the balloon, on either side of him see stars. It is obvious that to go to the next cut the figure in half. Halves fall in opposite directions and touch the stars. The problem is solved.

The game also come in fixed shapes. In this case, cut one part and make the remainder to pass through the whole level. Very effective.

The shapes are different, sometimes difficult to understand how to get to the finish line. To experiment — not ashamed. Even if the negative outcome we simply get a lower final grade. If anything, click restart and go through the level with distinction.

The physics in the game. Objects fall exactly as they should. They can even get stuck in the pipe, if the owner of the smartphone will cut a figure not the same shape.

Cut It: Brain Puzzles — great to develop imagination and to learn to think several steps ahead. The game has good physics and a gradual increase in difficulty levels. The application will give a pleasant time, and will allow you to spend it wisely.

Application: Cut It: Brain Puzzles
Developer: Super Game Studios
Category: Puzzle
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: Google Play

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