“Cyber Monday” becomes more days of sales in the history of the Amazon and the”Black Friday” achieved a new number

Amazon crash records of the new in the days of the performances 2019 between the day of internet “Cyber Monday” and Black Friday “Black Friday”.

"سايبر مونداي" يصبح أكثر الأيام مبيعات في تاريخ أمازون و"الجمعة السوداء" تحقق رقمًا جديدًا

Announced Amazon for their achievement to set new records this year during the days of the performances between Monday, “Cyber Monday” and the week of Black Friday “Black Friday” and Thanksgiving, where she said that “Cyber Monday” has become more days the individual sale of the products in the company’s history, as the week of Black Friday has achieved a record in sales during this year.

Didn’t know Amazon about the value of those sales last until now, but it confirmed the sale of hundreds of millions of products to a record.

According to the company, the more sales during the promotion period was from sections of the Games, equipment and home appliances, fashion, toiletries, health and medical care. As the devices that have developed their own such as Fire TV and Echo Dot of more devices selling in this period.

Maybe it seems normal, especially with the difficulty of finding a place now no one’s buying the products of man during the period of cuts.

If you want to know the value of the amount of money, you may have to wait through the next few days the company announcement on this matter.



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