Cyberverse .. Huawei unveils a new world

The innovation spread world-wide and their smoothly with the physical world is being updated directly, the goals are always sought by companies to develop modern technologies. I imagine many science fiction writers in the future develops the human visual techniques unprecedented go beyond the boundaries of space, time, and day fiction to fact when it was revealed (if Wi) unveiled technology (Cyprus) Cyberverse most recent by “developers conference Huawei 2019″, held in the building of the “Songshan Lake” of Huawei on 11 August 2019. To discover the new world, let us together.

Description (if Wi) Cyberverse as technology advanced, innovative, destroy the virtual world with his realism. Provide technical users Huawei phones smart interactive experience a whole new visual experience unmatched by building a bridge and link between users and data via a property computing spatial.

Playing the “Luo Wai” Chief Engineer of the camera in the Huawei played an important role in the career of Huawei’s confidence in the development of techniques for camera smart phones starting from the first generation cameras dual and even the latest model in a series P30 Pro. It is believed (Lo Wai) that, thanks to the development of camera technologies, the development of the capabilities of smart phones in the sensor world of the ocean.

Forming technique Cyberverse potential, such as: three-dimensional map of high quality, and the way spatial ability improved better understand the different scenarios and style of presentation immersive and realistic too. It will help this technique along with the technique of the fifth generation that take advantage of cloud features in the construction of a virtual world integrated with reality to provide a valuable service and fresh.

And feature technology Cyberverse with computing spatial comprehensive of all scenarios that enable the smartphone to pinpoint his exact location, inch sensor and the direction of his margin of error equal to one degree. The location information and the exact VERY the possibility of merging the real world with the virtual seamlessly.

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Used property treatment scenarios in the technique of Cyberverse techniques of deep learning to determine the geographical location information, which improves the ability of the phone to identify the environment and physical objects accurately. How much you enjoy the property HDMAP in the technique of Cyberverse of mapping multi-dimensional high-resolution and multi-sources by identifying what the surrounding environment automatically. And this function for smart phones the possibility to obtain accurate information and three-dimensional about the surrounding areas. And Community Renewal immersive technology Cyberverse between the default display and realism, which in turn provides a viewing experience more realistic and lively.

And Huawei with the launch of the technology Cyberverse for a new world and integrated with reality seamlessly, it also provides the structure to develop a comprehensive developers, partners, and invites them to build this new digital world together.

It is expected (if Wi) that used a technique Cyberverse in public places such as tourist attractions, museums, buildings, smart airports and fast trains and commercial buildings. It is planned to determine the company’s five sites for testing cover a range of application scenarios by the end of 2019. Will be used for technical Cyberverse in 100 locations by the end of the second quarter of 2020, in 1000 locations by the end of the same year. We will work with the development of this technique to provide users the services of visually entirely new and interactive experience Series combine virtual worlds with reality. Will this have a huge impact on the way we interact with our smart phones and experimentation that would result from the use of technology. Will collaborate Huawei with partners to provide digital technologies for each user and company to creating a world of smart, connected fully.

Cyberverse .. Huawei unveils a new world

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