Cyclists rode from France to China on solar energy

If the cars could be powered only on solar energy batteries, all drivers would have been happy. Unfortunately, at the moment this type of food is difficult to implement, because the car is impossible to install the large solar panels, and their engines require a large amount of energy. However, powered by solar energy can be used bike — it proved to the participants of the Sun Trip, which overcame a 13 000 km on electric bikes.

The race was not a particular route — from the participants was required as soon as possible to get from France to China on electric bikes. Most interesting is that the bikes can be nourished only by solar batteries. To install the solar panels were allowed to use the trailers.

Edition Electrek interviewed 24-year-old member of the race Jack Butler (Jack Butler), who overcame 12 800 km in 64 days and took sixth place. He explained that he had long wanted to visit Asia, but in an environmentally friendly way, without planes and trains. Participation in the Sun Trip turned out to be the best opportunity to realize a dream.

Specially for the race Jack was equipped with a Surly Troll bike with a powerful electric motor. For power use the battery capacity of 1 kWh that is charged four panels with a capacity of 75 watts each.

The cyclist admitted that during the trip are faced with great difficulties, but met interesting people. For example, in the Gobi desert, he got caught in a storm, and in Kazakhstan they are interested in police, but everything worked out in the best way.

Solar panels are difficult to install in cars, but they can easily be accommodated in the wings of the aircraft. Because of this, in August 2018, the company Bye Aerospace has successfully tested the aircraft StratoAirNet, powered by solar energy. Its wingspan was 15 feet!

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