Daimler and BMW to destroy sections of the development services to the Department of one common


The company decided to specialized in the car industry BMW and Daimler strengthen its efforts for the future development through the integration of respective sections responsible for the technology development for the future. The focus of these sections mainly on services such as Valet parking, Car Rental, taxi on demand, shipping, and multimodal transport. The companies Daimler and BMW had to invest in the technology departments of all of them over the years, but I decided both companies are now joining the efforts. The company has many prestigious brands in the car market under its umbrella, including Mercedes-Benz, Mini and Rolls-Royce and BMW.

This integration between departments responsible for technology development in each of the two companies to form one section in common, but this deal requires the consent of the executive body of the region’s note monopoly. Will each company a 50 percent share in the section new materials. BMW works already to launch car rental services in many markets around the world, while the Daimler company has operations acquisition and investments in the field of taxi on demand to compete with Uber and Lyft.

With the help of the competition in the field of urban transport, aptitude, and companies like Google and Uber to launch its service by demand, it is logical for the company traditional car manufacturers like Daimler and BMW to cooperate with each other and collect their resources to better compete with the competitors.

However, the company will remain are two occasions beyond the scope of this cooperation, and this already was confirmed by the Chairman of the Board of management of BMW, Mr. Harald Krüger, which was announced by saying : ” We’re still rivals when it comes to the best luxury cars. The integration of sections of the transport services in each of the two companies aims to gather our resources and send a strong signal to our competitors the new “.



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