“Dareurbody” is available in the medical services provided using the technique of “feel”

Announced site Dareurbody, specializing in providing remote medical services using the systems “feel” and the latest technical methods, expanding its services and increasing medical specialties provided on the website.

Said Osama al-Islam, Executive Director of Dareurbody, the site provides medical services specialized in diet and lose the weight for all patients at the level of the Republic, noting that they have about 30 doctor providing the consultation of the largest doctors in Egypt specialized in the field of weight loss were using “feel”.

Follow Islam: ” about 80% of the medical services offered through the site Dareurbody is for patients from outside the country in Europe, America and the Gulf States, using systems feel, in order to level the outstanding and enjoyed by Egyptian doctors, which reflected on increasing employment opportunities and increasing the state’s income of hard currency.”

He stressed Islam, that the service provided by the site Dareurbody help greatly in saving time which is waste in waiting have doctors, it became possible for the patient to choose between more than 30 physicians providing service on site and a reservation is detected remotely by using the systems “feel”, the latest technology, and follow-up with the doctor after that in the times that are agreed between the doctor and the patient.

Other executive officer Dareurbody, that there are large numbers of patients in the level and in the provinces remote and they can’t come to the base to detect them because of the distance and the length of wait to have the doctors, that they were currently receiving the service is successful.

He stressed Islam that the coming period will witness increased numbers of disciplines has the site, stressing that he is currently being contracted with months physicians specializing in pediatric subcarrier and groups of women, emphasizing that there is a choice of doctors, providers through the assessments of their patients.

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