Dark mode — a new trend?

Dark theme is quite useful, it will become a trend in 2019. Although even now can be traced to the desire of companies to implement it in their services. Of course, while the problem lies with the developers of sites that use only a single light pattern, but in the future, I think, the implementation of a dark mode when you create Internet resources will become the norm. Besides, already now many of the web version of applications support for a similar topic, for example, Reddit, Twitter or Gmail. In this article, we consider whether the ability to use a variety of products in a dark format.

You should start with the fact that this mode will appear in the Android Q. now full dark theme Pie in there, and the inversion mode is not working very well. Rumor has it that “darkness” will add and iOS, besides all there is to it, as this theme has already received the owners of Macbook. Invert colors on iOS works better and detects images and other elements of the interface, not re-drawing them you can use.

Mobile devices figured out, we need to look to the desktop. Is there a “dark” life there? Windows 10 brings a dark theme, but it has spread so far, only the built-in apps, so it all depends on developers of applications for Windows. However, I think users are increasingly moving to the web services. For example, on my system from programs only installed Office, Visual Studio editor Code, Google Chrome and Telegram, but all these apps support a dark theme, with the exception of Chrome.

In Microsoft Office dark mode, but its implementation does not affect the text entry area that for some may seem like a disadvantage. Google Chrome, this mode is not officially supported, but the store themes download like incognito mode. If you need to distribute dark format on websites, there extension Dark Reader, it copes with its task. The Microsoft Edge browser and Firefox support it, so their shouldn’t be a problem.

It is also worth mentioning night mode Microsoft 10. Why do users use a dark palette? So in low light the eyes do not get tired of the white background. But this situation may improve night mode. I, for example, trying to activate, even in the daytime, to writing articles slightly affect the eye fatigue.

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