Dark mode is now available on the application notes and evaluation of Google

الوضع المُظلم متاح الآن على تطبيقي ملاحظات وتقويم قوقل

Became the characteristic dark or actually dark is an important requirement for all users, whether on computers or specifically on mobile phones, and wait for the users of Android and iOS application to this situation at the system level by default, generally now all of the application Calendar Google, “Google Calendar” and apply feedback Google “Google Keep” calling this situation to the Android operating system.

Therefore with this situation will allow you to save battery life, or just change the browsing experience one of the darker, more worthy to refer that the dark mode is available to apply the calendar on the Android direct the latest, while the application notes will be available on Android Lollipop, the latest, to be able to enable Dark Mode in the Notes application from the settings menu, while you will need to move to the sub menu features in the settings, so users of say Google.

Finally, the deployment of the update for each of the two applications gradually to all Android users, unfortunately there is no word from Google about the launch of this feature for users of the two applications on the system other iOS.

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