DARPA wants to teach artificial intelligence “common sense”

Funny artificial intelligence. He can identify objects within seconds or fractions of a second, to imitate the human voice and to recommend music, but most of machine “intelligence” lack the basic understanding of everyday objects and actions — in other words, common sense. DARPA teams up with Elenovski Institute for artificial intelligence in Seattle to change that.

The Machine Common Sense aimed at the identification of the problem and its solution, although nobody expects it to be resolved in a year or two. But if AI wants to break out of prison specific niches where it works well, he will need to develop a brain that is capable of more than the classification with great speed.

Can AI to be common sense?

“The lack of common sense prevents a reasonable system to understand your world, effortless to communicate with people, behave rationally in emergency circumstances and to learn new things. This absence, perhaps the most significant barrier that separates the narrow applications of AI that we have now, and the more General application of AI that we would like to create in the future,” explained Dave gunning from DARPA in a press release.

Not only that, the AI lacks common sense, to determine the category and test will also be incredibly difficult, given the vastness of the concept. Common sense can be the understanding that solid objects cannot intersect with the idea that people go to the kitchen when they are thirsty. How obvious these things even for a baby, it is so difficult to explain artificial intelligence.

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