Data center, a subsidiary of Google uses artificial intelligence to improve the cooling system

Server room interior in datacenter

Data centers are the place where companies like Google and Apple and Facebook to store its servers that contain all kinds of information and processes. Due to the sheer number of users and customers who possess these companies, these data centers tend to be huge, which means they need a lot of cooling to avoid straining the servers.

While we can’t talk about other companies, when it comes to Google, it seems they decided to be more ” intelligent ” about it through the use of technology and artificial intelligence to help manage cooling systems. The aim is to help improve the energy efficiency, this is the process that would also reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

This makes sense because instead of having to run cooling systems all day, seven days a week, the use of artificial intelligence will help determine how much and when you need the servers for cooling, while maintaining safe levels also. According to Google, it has stated by saying : ” every five minutes, pulling the artificial intelligence cloud our snapshot of the system for cooling a data center of thousands of sensors included in the network our neural deep, which predicts how the impact of various combinations of potential actions on the energy consumption in the future. “

She added : ” the artificial intelligence system after that actions which will reduce energy consumption while meeting a strong set of safety limitations. Is send the proceedings back to the data center, where control procedures by the control system local then it is implemented “.

Google is as used to this artificial intelligence a few months ago to now, and it helped to save energy by almost 30% on average. The company says further that its forecast shows that these figures will improve with the passage of time.


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