Data leaks Flipboard: what happened? What should I do?

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Since I got the internet for the first time, increased the popularity of Flipboard to the extent that they enjoy the 150 million monthly active users.

But unfortunately, the last few days were bad for both the app and its users, where the notifications have been telling users that Flipboard has been hacked and had user data compromised.

  • Good news and bad news for users of Flipboard:

Released Flipboard information about the data breaches suffered through the Note security has been published on its web site.

The memo says, “We identified the recent arrival of a unauthorized to some of our databases containing certain information on the accounts of the users of Flipboard, including account credentials”.

“The results of the investigation that an unauthorized person does not access to a copy of certain databases containing information the user of Flipboard between 2 June 2018 23 March 2019, 21 – 22 April 2019.” Yes, this means access to some databases Flipboard for nine months.”

Refer note also the security that it has been hacked all accounts, Flipboard because of the hack and that the company is still trying to determine the number of accounts that have been hacked.

There is some good news, which is that users cannot work on the Re-change their passwords to protect their accounts.

But the real good news is that unlike recent events in Facebook, a Flipboard encrypts the vast majority of the passwords that you had stored on the database hijacked.

Uses Flipboard powerful algorithm for hashing passwords as bcrypt, which is widely considered extremely difficult.

Maybe be able to copy the database that contain sensitive user information, but there is a good chance to not be able to access the data.

Unfortunately the company also noted that the passwords that were created or modified before March 14, 2012 was divisible using an algorithm weaker, and therefore it may be easy broken.

  • What should users of Flipboard do now?

As we already pointed out, relates to Flipboard users demanding that they change their passwords, follow the instructions that it sends to you will be your account safe again.

However the other thing to consider is whether you may use the same password on Flipboard as you use in other accounts.

This is the dream of Pirates where they can test the security credentials, they steal from one site and using the same data on other sites also different, which might help them access your accounts on other platforms you probably use more the importance of this service.

If you use the same password repeatedly, this is a great time to reset all your passwords.

Password manager is the easiest way and safest to do this, we recommend you to apply the Last Pass – the free version which support multiple devices so you can use it to log into sites on your PC and phone.

If you use Flipboard, but you are signed in using Google accounts or the accounts of your Social only, the company says it’s not have to worry because it doesn’t store these credentials on the internal databases, however you have to log in again.

All of this reminds you that you need to take your security online very seriously, it can lead to hack reality to give everything like a bunch of cards if you use the same password across multiple accounts.

Don’t wait act today, and change your passwords and activate two-step verification if possible, and stay safe online.

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