Data leaks million (influencers) on Instagram

Data leaks million (influencers) on Instagram

In reality very dangerous, published materials technology hours ago about the reality of the emergence of database leaked it to the data of millions of influencers, or what you call them (influencers) on the network Instagram.

The data include names and phones and email, and in some cases, the geographical location, which makes them sensitive data is extremely dangerous.


According to this Reports , was hosted the database of this data (Amazon Web Services) and without a password. Contained almost 49 million records.

Data leaks million (influencers) on Instagram

He says that the source of this recording is the company marketing social media headquartered Mumbai, India .

For its part, said a spokesman for the network Instagram in a brief comment : . “We wonder also try to understand from where came these statements and how they became available to the public.”

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