Databases service Flipboard relating to breach exposing users ‘ data at risk


From uncommon to see some of the services available via the internet relating to penetrate, leading to leak of user names and their passwords. This is exactly what happened to now also serve the Flipboard. The company confirmed it was access to some databases with Flipboard unauthorized resulting in the exposure of user names and their passwords compromised.

Confirmed Company Flipboard to which party was behind this hack was able to access some of the databases for the service several times and it is ” likely to have obtained a copy ” of the user information registered in the databases. It is estimated that responsible for this hack got unauthorized access to databases service Flipboard in the period between June 2018 and March 2019, and also on days 21 and 22 of the month of April last.

Company confirms that Flipboard is that this hack does not affect all users. However, out of extreme caution, the company decided to delegate the reset password for all their accounts of the 145 million accounts. The control of the users who log on to their account in the next change their password.

Included databases that have been hacked user names, passwords, and email addresses. Fortunately, it wasn’t Flipboard storing passwords in a plain text file. Police say they continue to investigate the circumstances of this hack and they did not specify a number. static total accounts affected by the security breach.

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