Date of availability of Huawei phones Mate 30 outside of China

After the withdrawal of the license the services of Google , including the Play Store, forcing Huawei to sell the chain Mate 30 only in China, but it won’t last very long according to.

The first report indicates that Huawei has already started offering the pre-order in the Philippines, where the Mate 30 vs 685$, and Mate 30 Pro vs 999$, to be the expansion of business on Friday 8 November.

Another report noted the intention of Huawei will launch a series Mate 30 in Europe mid-November next, and in the markets of Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. To be the standard price of 799 euros, and Pro priced at$1099.

And Huawei phones issue Android 10, but unfortunately will continue to be deprived of the services of Google, although it can be installed manually. However, we have developed the Huawei range of applications to replace the Google applications, there is also a hardware store Huawei applications, which includes the most popular apps.

Currently there is no details about the launch of a series Mate 30 in the Arab region, but its presence in the markets of Asia and Europe may pave the way to provide it later in the Arab states.

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Source GSMAreana GizChina

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