Date of first launch rocket “Soyuz” after the accident

Writes to the Telegram channel “house of cards: Russia”, citing unnamed sources, the first launch of the Soyuz rocket after an accident is scheduled for October 25-26. We will remind, on October 11, immediately after the start of the rocket “Soyuz” with cosmonauts Alexei Ovchinin and Nick Haig made the emergency shutdown of engines of the first stage and fell. The capsule with the astronauts was thrown out of the emergency, their condition was assessed as “satisfactory”. “Kommersant” reported today that the crash of a Soyuz fault error during Assembly.

“The accident occurred at 119 seconds in the separation of the side blocks of the first stage from the Central block of the second stage. Then triggered a distress beacon, the ship was divided into compartments and released the parachute. The crew is alive and emergency landing in Kazakhstan” — this was the official comment of “Roscosmos”.

When the Soyuz will fly again

After the accident, did not change the schedule of departures and the space Agency NASA, as stated by NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine. The next mission will take place in December, so the current crew of three on Board the ISS do not have to prolong his stay (as some thought), and the ISS will not fly in vain.

Development of the rocket “Soyuz” began in 1962, when the resolution of the CPSU Central Committee and USSR Council of Ministers on the development of space rocket complex “Soyuz” manned flight around the moon.

Developer and manufacturer of the vehicles of “Soyuz” family since the 1960s and currently is rocket-space Corporation “Energy”. Production of ships is done at the head office of the Corporation in Korolev, testing and preflight preparation of the ships in the Assembly and testing building (MIK) of the company at the 254-th site of Baikonur cosmodrome.

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