Dead 30 Pro up to Europe – you see you soon in the Arab world?

Let’s agree that a dead phone 30 Pro is one of the leading phones 2019 at all! This phone offers an excellent mixture of specifications hacks along with amazing design and materials, manufacturing excellent, except that “sweet is not complete”! Are definitely we watching Huawei with the U.S. embargo which made the phone exclusive only to China.

متى يتوافر Mate 30 Pro عالميًا

Availability of the Huawei dead 30 pro global

Since the launch of the dead 30 pro -and 30 Normal also – in the month of last September and is available exclusively to China, the birthplace of Huawei, since then we wonder if the phone will be available globally or not? And will be available globally with services and applications Google or not? Today came the reply.

The retail website of the Swiss “Digitec” today the availability of a dead phone 30 Pro for advance preparation to start selling it on December 10 the next! Any that the phone will be officially available in Switzerland it is a huge store such as Digi-tic! Except that the site yourself and to prevent the Ado had mentioned that the dead 30 Pro will come with “services Huawei” and “Google services”, and here is the service of Huawei has in store, applications alternative applications Google basic.

متى يتوافر Mate 30 Pro عالميًا

What are the specifications of the Huawei Mate 30 pro?

If you want to refresh your memory or you don’t know the foundation faces a dead phone 30 Pro are as follows:

• Processor Kirin 990 the latest from the company
• 8 GB of RAM
• Memory storage up to 265 GB
• Screen LED 6.53 inches of type for support with frequency 90Hz
• Front camera with a 32 megapixel camera to the side of the sensor ToF
• Rear camera quad-strictly 40, 8, and 40-megapixel sensor with ToF also

The availability of the phone in the European market may be an introduction for the globally and in the Arab market also.. would you buy it if available in the market US? We participated in the comments..

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