Dead X Huawei Mate X : a review of the first foldable phone of Huawei

ميت اكس Huawei Mate X

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Dead X Huawei Mate X : a review of the first foldable phone of Huawei

Huawei announced during the MWC 2019 for the first foldable phone of development and the name of the dead X Huawei Mate X this announcement came a few days after the launch of the Samsung smartphone foldable Galaxy Fold, seems to be the direction most of the companies technical developer for smart phones by 2019 will be about the technology of phones collapsible.

Need a dead phone X Huawei Mate X on the hinges are solid and look more robust than the hinges of a Samsung phone with three screens to the phone, there are screen FullView edges tight which makes the Huawei looks better than a Samsung phone, you can phone the Huawei a number of technical specifications high-end code for a network connection the fifth generation along with the chipset Kirin 980 advanced and a powerful battery with a capacity of 4500 mAh.

ميت اكس Huawei Mate X

A dead phone X Huawei Mate X

Price and release date

Expected to show a dead phone X Huawei Mate X in the markets starting from the month of June next to be stopped at a price of $ 2000 almost.

Design and

ميت اكس Huawei Mate X

Button to unlock the phone

He owns a dead phone X Huawei Mate X different design for a phone Samsung folding, where it is believed the Huawei on the button to keep making the screen folded and when you want to unlock the phone fully you can Press that button to open the phone fully.

ميت اكس Huawei Mate X

The phone screen

The phone has 3 screens, there is a screen front size 6.6-inch screen background accurately 4.6 inch screen bigger FullView size 8 inches, comes screen technology, OLED, which will provide the battery with the phone on about the great for being used units of individual pixels for units of gas used remains black unlike LCD screens which use each pixel of the network.

ميت اكس Huawei Mate X

The screen

In terms of design we find from the left of the screen background, vertical bar has a camera of three to the side of the power button and the imprints of the fingers and the bottom we find the USB-C port, the company noted Huawei that phone is still subject to numerous tests and improvements before putting it on the market.

ميت اكس Huawei Mate X

Screen background

There is major concern about the durability of the phone and scratched the screen where the screen comes up of plastic which can be scratched easily.

The camera

ميت اكس Huawei Mate X

The camera

Did not disclose company Huawei for many details about the camera your phone is dead X Huawei Mate X, then reveal the accuracy of the cameras, and there is no front camera on the phone but there are three lenses in the back of the phone and bend the phone and malleable you can use one of the cameras for selfies, you can use the second screen to create a lens focal double.

We do not have the sizes specific to the camera or the details of the openings, is expected during the coming period to disclose more details about the technical specifications for a camera phone.

Battery specifications

Of the most important specifications that I talked about strongly in a dead phone X Huawei Mate X smart new are the specifications of the battery; the phone comes with two strongly 4500 Ma/H.

Working a dead phone X Huawei Mate X processor Kirin 980 to the side of the support techniques of the fifth generation of communication and you can download a movie the size of 1 GB in three seconds only.

The phone RAM 8 gigabytes RAM along with memory and storage internal size 512 gigabytes with support for external memory cards up to the size of 256 gigabytes.

Overview of the phone

Never have a dead phone X Huawei Mate X is the first foldable phone be put on the market but it is probably the first phone you consider that you pay, seriously pay money during the year, which offers a powerful battery along with 3 screens, which makes you feel as if you’re holding your future in your hands.


  • Technical specifications upscale
  • Three large screens size.
  • Detailed, strong and sturdy.

The clinic

  • The cost of the phone is extremely large

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