Deal of the day.. discount of 96% on a package of Network Security Cisco CCNA Security

  • Packet network security by Cisco The Foundational Cisco CCNA Security Bundle
  • Number of Sessions: 3
  • Duration: 53 hours
  • Time access content: lifetime
  • Help you this package to acquire the skills needed to develop security infrastructure, recognize threats and vulnerabilities in the network to be secured.
  • Focus the package on security technologies, basic networking, installation and troubleshoot and monitor network devices to maintain the integrity of data and devices, and the definition of the techniques used by the Cisco in its security structure.
  • Experience level required: all levels
  • Get a certificate after completion of each training session.
  • Language: English
  • Availability: online
  • The original price before discount: 897 USD
  • The current price after discount: $ 29
  • Discount rate: 96%.
  • Get page: of here.

You think a company (Cisco) Cisco from the world’s leading manufacturers of networking technology, where it spread its organs all over the world, so if you are planning to work in the field of Information Technology – in functions such as: specialist network security, or engineer, cyber security, Cybersecurity engineer – you really need to know how to create Cisco Networking, how to site.

Refer the statistics to the increasing corporate demand for cyber-security increased by 132% through 2018, and also that these functions will continue to be required by 2019, probably due to the increased number of data breaches globally, and the increasing privacy concerns of the users.

You can develop your skills in the field of network security access you pack on The Foundational Cisco CCNA Security Bundle, which includes 3 cycles, and up to 53 hours of content, covering many of the skills of establishing networks and secure them.

Usually the price of this package 897 dollars, but today we offer you the chance to get it for the $ 29 only, i.e., at a discount of up to 96 percent of the normal price; that for a limited time visitors to the gate Arab News Technical.

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Help this package to learn the skills needed to develop security infrastructure, recognize potential security threats and vulnerabilities to networks.

You will learn everything from how networks run IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, definition, and identify threats to basic safety, through associating VLANs protocols, and a dynamic router, the expiration of the troubleshooting IPv4 and IPv6.

As the focus of the package on the functions of networks, and routers Cisco, the establishment of a connection to the internet, the management of ACLS, implementation of VLANs and allow you to understand the interactions and functions of network firewalls, controllers, wireless access points, in addition to focus on network security.

Most of all you will be ready to pass the international test for certification CCNA Security from ( Cisco) the Cisco on the first try for you.

This page enables you to access the content for life, and get a certificate after completion of each session, which you can include in your resume or your account on LinkedIn. So hurried to build your experience today and prepared yourself to become a professional is required in the field of network security.

The following are the training courses contained in the package:

  • Cisco 100-105: Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 – ICND1 V3
  • Cisco 200-105 Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2 – ICND2 V3
  • Cisco 210-260: Implementing Cisco Network Security

Get page: of here.

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