Deal of the day.. discount of 97% to learn all the skills of e-marketing

  • Full package to learn e-mail marketing The Complete Digital Marketing Super Bundle
  • Number of sessions: 9
  • Number of lessons: 444
  • Duration: 57 hours
  • Time access content: lifetime
  • The package includes training in the disciplines of email marketing is: email marketing, how to improve search engines SEO, Marketing, Affiliate Marketing.
  • Also includes a comprehensive guide to communicate with the platform the main marketing: Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Amazon Associates.
  • Get a certificate after completion of each training session.
  • Language: English
  • Availability: online
  • The original price before discount: 1266 USD
  • The current price after discount: $ 37
  • Discount percentage: 97%.
  • Get page: of here.

Depends field of e-marketing of the most prominent areas that have evolved rapidly in the last few years, where the rate of annual expenditure on the activities of the e-marketing of $ 100 million, according to what is indicated by some reports, and therefore increased its importance as a promising business with many opportunities.

If you are considering a professional field of e-marketing as a career, or you have a project arises and you want to promote his products via the internet, we offer you today this educational package full with a discount of up to 97%.

You can develop your skills in the disciplines of e-marketing through this educational package full of The Complete Digital Marketing Super Bundle, which includes 9 courses, 444 lesson, and up to 57 hours of content, covering many of the marketing skills.

Usually the price of this package 1266 dollars, but today we offer you the chance to get it for 37 dollars only, no discount of up to 97 percent of the normal price; that for a limited time visitors to the gate Arab News Technical.

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Access your on this page you will learn the skills of marketing e-mail from the management of lists of e-mail addresses and evaluation, and to the correct standards for the drafting and design of e-mail messages, and ending with the establishment of successful marketing campaigns, in addition to learn strategies to MailChimp, the largest platform to automate email marketing in the world.

Include package also the full course needs Facebook ads, and help you master dealing with the best platforms, re-targeting such as: Adroll and AdWords, to وPerfect Audience, the وCriteo, and much more.

It will also help you master the strategies to improve CTR in search engines SEO, Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, as well as the proficiency to deal with the platform Google Ads Google AdWords, Amazon Associates.

This page enables you to access the content for life, and get a certificate after completion of each session, which you can include in your resume or on your job.

The following are the training courses contained in the package:

  • MailChimp 101: Learn Email Marketing.
  • Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Course.
  • The Ultimate Guide To Google AdWords.
  • Retargeting & Remarketing: The Ultimate Guide Made Easy.
  • Build The Perfect SEO-Optimized WordPress Website from A-Z.
  • The Complete SEO & Backlink Master Course.
  • Amazon Traffic, Sales and Marketing for Sellers & Affiliates.
  • SEO Affiliate Domination.
  • Affiliate Marketing: The Fast Track Formula.

Get page: of here.

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