Deal of the day .. Rear View system integrated motor myGEKOgear Infiniview Lite

  • Rear view camera, digital myGEKOgear Infiniview Lite
  • Camera dashboard front and a back
  • Screen size: 9.7 inches touch screen
  • Support front camera sensor Sony Exmor
  • Support rear camera sensor Sony Starvis
  • Sensor G-Sensor
  • Lens rear camera: IPX7 waterproof
  • Viewing angle: 170 degrees
  • Accuracy of registration: 1920 × 1080 pixels, with 30 frames per second
  • A microSD card with a capacity of 16 GB
  • Power source Camera: Connect Car Charger
  • Battery: 800 mAh/ hour
  • File format: H. 264 (.MOV/.AVI) AND JPG
  • Warranty: one year
  • Price before discount: 279.99 USD
  • Price after discount: 249.99 USD
  • Discount percentage: 10%.
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Become cameras dashboard Dashboard cameras, are an important way to protect drivers and cars from road accidents, through the provision of dimensions, see additional road without distracting attention, and the most prominent of these cameras are rear view camera, digital myGEKOgear Infiniview Lite, which offers you many features to keep you safe while driving the car.

Come cameras to the dashboard of all shapes and sizes, with a range of features and prices of homes, and can include additional features such as: multiple lenses to front and rear, to the side of the sensor is more accurate for the quality of the video better, for example: recording some cameras footage 720p only, while many other cameras now offer accurately record the bus while others record a higher quality from it, as you can also include night vision and Wi-Fi built-transfer files easily.

Specification myGEKOgear Infiniview Lite:

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Overlooking the myGEKOgear Infiniview Lite pack 3-in-1, since it includes camera dashboard front and background to help you in backup, mirror and anti-glare screen 9.7 inches touch screen, with built-in microphone, so with these accessories you will have full visibility of their surroundings to make driving easier and safer.


Allows you Lens IPX7 waterproof, the possibility of placing the rear camera in the outside, picking up everything in the rain, or fog without any damage, and to ensure that recording clear videos, record front and rear camera 1080p, where there is a sensor Sony Exmor in front camera, sensor Sony Starvis in the rear camera which is ideal in low-light situations.

Supports cameras and also the delivery wide-angle viewing of 170 degrees, to ensure capturing every little detail on the road as the lenses are adjustable, when the car in the opposite direction you InfiniView automatically adjusts the image on the mirror to show you what’s behind you.

In addition, drivers can use the scroll up and down on the mirror of the touch screen to select rear view camera to make sure that the path is clear.

Package includes InfiniView standard cable length of 25 feet, as well as other cable length of 40 feet to facilitate the installation of the rear camera in the trailers or trucks that have their drivers see everything at the back.

There is also a dedicated system for emergency situations, once you discover the camera any frameless severe or sharp turn, you will be able to G-Sensor recording it and the camera will automatically save two files of the emergency.


Usually the price myGEKOgear Infiniview Lite is about $ 280, but today we offer you the chance to get it for 249 dollars, any discount of 10 percent from the normal price; that for a limited time visitors to the gate Arab News Technical.

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