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Road accidents are not limited to the distractions caused by smart phones for drivers only, but to also, as reported by The Wall Street Journal report that the excessive use of smart phones during traffic may raise the mortality rate to levels not seen since 1999.

In the past year, died a tragic number of people in traffic accidents amounted to 6227 people in America, the highest rate since 30 years. Disturbing in these statistics is that pedestrian deaths rose faster than the rest of the accidents associated with the disease in the past decade, and now represent 16% of the deaths resulting from car accidents. Said Jonathan Adkins, executive director of Highway Safety for conservative non-profit: โ€œthe lives of a lot of the lose, this should be a priorityโ€.

It wasn’t until 2009, or exactly until the time that the control in IOS, Android, on phones. Add to that the further spread of the huge SUV. Unfortunately, in 2017 were fatal accidents to 45 percent higher than it was in 2009.

The report recommended some actions such as improved lighting in places by accidents, as well as red lights when you pass the pedestrian crossing. But nothing beats lifting your eyes from your smartphone and use to scan the place around you, whether you are a driver or in the ranks of the infantry.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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