Deezer launches a dedicated app for podcast makers that gives them comprehensive information on their content

Deezer launches a dedicated app for podcast creators that gives them comprehensive information on their content - Analytics by Deezer

Deezer, a platform known for providing audio and music and podcast services, announced the launch of the " Analytics by Deezer " app today, to allow podcast makers on the platform to have access to sufficient and comprehensive information about the performance of the content they publish.

The application provides tools that help to know the results of their content wherever they are, including graphs and statistics to facilitate audience study.

The new application is currently available on Android and iOS, with options to see podcast data, results and numbers.

On this occasion, Mr. Frederick Antelme, Chief Content Officer at Deezer, said: “Podcast fans around the world are constantly increasing. From here, we realized the importance of sharing important data with creators and producers to access accurate data about the performance of their offerings. Through our new application, they will be able to know more about their audience, to communicate with them and to launch more effective advertising campaigns. We are thrilled to launch the 'Analytics by Deezer' app, being the first streaming platform to provide a comprehensive view of podcasts on a mobile phone. ”

Analytics by Deezer divides the podcast data into:

  • Analytics : See the number of broadcasts, featured listeners, and fans, as well as the number of times the podcast has been shared, total listening time, peak listening time, as well as the best-performing episode watch and how long it is being listened to.
  • Audience : To know the age and gender of the fans, along with details about the devices used and the operating system from smartphones, computers, or the website.

Deezer content creators can create profiles via the app to see data related to their content and also share it anytime with their audience.

Download and use the app

The new Deezer app "Analytics by Deezer" is available in English around the world and freely available for download.

The app can be downloaded on iOS from here.

It can also be downloaded to Android phones from here .

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