“Defending” … the application of Egypt for the drug delevingne

Submit application to “defend” Yodawy services drug delivery in the fastest time of the nearest pharmacy to you, where the network includes managed more than 500 pharmacies in Egypt, as he knows the owners of the application on its own official website.

Use the application to “defend” Yodawy, download the appropriate version for your smartphone, either Android version on Google Play or the iOS version from the App Store, for later access to the app and take advantage of his services.

Submit application to “defend” the index of medical products and pharmaceutical, there is the Department of drugs and supplies children and the world of women’s cosmetics and hair care, toiletries, bathing supplies, Oral care supplies, men’s toiletries, personal care, in order to facilitate the user application trade easily within the section you want.

Cross section “campaign and”, the app download feature and raise the prescription of treatment, whether the drug or cosmetic, to automatically add items to your shopping cart.

The application also displays a list of the medicines most requested on his main page, also can through the tab on medical insurance, in the bottom margin of the application, add a disaster, your medical insurance, to be requested your your medications monthly.

Can in-app search of any medicine, to present the drug and specifications, when you find it, you will include information displayed about the number of discs or tapes or capacity, and availability: is it available or is limited, in addition to the price.

The procurement process through the choice of the drug you want, pressing them, to fit to page to determine the quantity, which contains the specification of the drug, and then show a ruler Add to cart when you select any quantity you want from the medication, and when you press it, the application confirmation request, then implementation, where it is transmitted to the page to add your address to deliver the drug to you, with the addition of a delivery service fee.

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