Del challenge her computer XPS 13 processors the tenth generation of Intel

Since it was launched for the first time, I can Computer XPS 13 Intel drawing attention to its design and specifications possible, and today there is a big update it using Dell’s latest generation of Intel processors as well as a significant adjustment in the design.

Adopted the Del on category processors U which offers better performance than Category Y, that does not need fan cooling, meaning that the situation now has a cooling fan to cool the processor which gives the best performance twice and a half than the previous generation.

At the level of the screen has been enlarged slightly from the previous they are led by 13.4-inch by dimensions of length to width of 16:10 makes it longer than the previous so it took the company this space an increase in space for keyboard and space for mouse, is available screen options of precision are +FHD and 4K.

Updated the design by adding more knowledge than before with a change of place for the calculation of the footprint, it can be said that the changes affected everything, even the keyboard, but the camera still the same.

Will be available soon at a starting price of $ 1000.

It is noteworthy that the largest percentage of machine XPS 15 has become available processors th generation Intel with all the options, i5,i7,i9 with the graphics card GTX 1650 from Nvidia and the memory of random 64 GB screen OLED 4K.

Will be available in the XPS 15 is priced at a thousand dollars a regular, but with the OLED screen it is priced at 1900 dollars.

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