Delivery expected to strengthen its policy option of self-driving full

تسلا توقف تعزيز سيارتها بخيار القيادة الذاتية الكاملة

In a resolution suitable to the statements of its CEO, Elon Musk over the past years, the fact that the car delivery will be in readiness to fully develop a command of the whole, had removed the delivery company put option driving full self-sovereignty, from the list of demand in its own website, where the chirp mask on straining the fact that option would be off the menu currently, he caused a lot of confusion for customers, so won’t be back option again only in the case where the company is completely ready to launch it.

If we take into account the remarks of the executive director over the past three years, it is assumed to be the current year are to strengthen the option of self-driving full, as announced Elon Mask that the year 2017 which will be his car able to drive itself without any human intervention, but these promises are all I didn’t see the light only on the choice of demand across the site has been withdrawn, as I think through a tweet that the company needs time to consolidate control devices new especially chips, artificial intelligence, you’ll be ready to drive on the road to developing self-driving full.

In the context of ostentation Tesla its vehicles and the use of the term Autopilot your leadership resume, has been subjected to numerous criticisms from various quarters, official and other, the fact that the term cause in the arrival of a misconception to the consumer, in the time in which the vehicle is capable of some of the functions of autonomous driving in specific positions and also to the supervision of the driver itself, unlike what it shows Terms of the ability to self-complete, it offers its owner the possibility to count the total on the organs of the self-driving vehicle, which led by the way to kill someone earlier in the work is similar, Be so a significant role on the drag delivery option from the list of demand control provides that the company is not ready for a second launch mode within the framework of the application for a comprehensive.

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