Dell offers computers custom gaming Alienware m15 and m17 to design a whole new

Dell has launched during the Computex 2019 two computers Alienware custom gaming, where re Dell design all the organs of the Alienware m15 and m17 drastically.

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Come devices Alienware’s new design language, which made Dell device Alienware A51-m during the events of CES 2019, where I used the Dell alloy magnesium in the hardware design to support the lighter weight of the devices, with a strong design too.

The new hardware, the ninth generation of Intel processors with video cards from Nvidia with models of choices such as RTX 2060, the و2070 and 2080.

Confirm with Dell that the new design for Alienware ensures the highest performance with the experience of the featured games, as Dell offers more choice in display quality in the screen up to 4K HDR400 with the refresh rate of the frames and 240hz, it also comes model screen OLED and 4K HDR 4000 with the speed of response 1ms .

How come the new hardware improvements in the lighting and the brightness of the screen with a technique to reduce the effect of blue color emitted from the screen, to support better convenience of the work, as the screen comes up in new hardware, tires too skinny, closer to the design of the XPS 13.

Dell also confirms that new versions come with the best design in the keyboard featuring a $ 1.7 mm, it also offers users a headset Alienware 7.1 that feature a design compatible with the new versions of the computers allocated for games.


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