Dell officially announced the screen two new sizes of the 24-inch and 27-inch


Those who grew up in the nineties or in the early the last decade you may remember how the screen was computer huge. It was huge in terms of dimensions, and also in terms of weight, most of it is that the young women in that time weren’t big in terms of diameter, but this changed in the last few years so that the screens became thinner than ever as they become a larger diameter.

Having said that, the company Dell at CES CES 2018, currently held in Las Vegas, USA slide the curtain officially unveiled the two new screens, and here it comes with all of the Dell S2719DM and Dell S2419HM. In terms of design, both screens come with the same design so that they include both the simple design and sleek and smooth despite the fact that the first screen comes with a size of 27 inches, while the second screen size 24 inch.

Regardless of size, these new screens come with a thickness reported 29mm in point is the thicker, while the thickness of 5.5 mm at the point the thinnest with the knowledge that they also come with the design of the InfinityEdge which gives the illusion that these screens are free of the frame in fact. In terms of technical specifications, the screen is smaller and enjoy the Full HD and the rate of update reaches 60Hz, while the larger screen size of the strictly Quad HD and at a rate update reaches the 60Hz also.

Both screens come also with the speed of response amounts to 8ms in normal mode and 5ms in Fast mode with the knowledge that they also come with two HDMI 2.0 port and one for headphones. Generally, these screens will be available for purchase in the month of February next at a price of$ 500 weave 27 inch, while the version will be the 24 inch towards 300$.

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