Dell unveils update devices XPS and Inspiron new design for your XPS convertible 2 in 1

Dell announced at the conference Computex a collection of new versions of the XPS series and Inspiron, as revealed from the version convertible 2-in-1 device XPS which applies a new design from the company.

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Comes XPS 13, which redesigned and launched of a new of CES 2019 screen InfinityEdge a bigger size, also available to choose 4K resolution, with a webcam at the top, customers the best design with distinctive new this device.

While the device comes XPS 13 convertible 2 in 1 design, the best spacers that support the bow up to 360 ° mechanism is better in this version than the previous version.

And slips the device around the X processors Ice Lake model U series of Intel processors is possible to accurately manufacture 10 nm, which is the first Intel processors to accurately manufacture 10 are, where the processor supports longer battery life up the device to 16 hours of life shipping.

Also Dell offers some changes also in the new version of the laptop XPS 15, where the camera webcam also now at the top of the device, as this version features perform faster thanks to the Intel processor eight nuclei of the ninth generation, also Dell offers a choice of the device screen OLED which choice is available for the first time in series notebooks XPS.

On the other hand, made Dell the new versions of the series Inspiron comes Inspiron 15 7000 perform better with the processor chip Core H from Intel, also supports the storage capacity and double the SSD, it features Realtek screen GTX 1650 from Nvidia.

Also provides animated examples 2-in-1 devices the size of a 13 and 15 inch, come devices by active Directory, which supports storage in the breaks of the device when not in use.

Also comes Inspiron 13 5000 from new releases to the side of the device Inpsiron 11 3000 convertible 2-in-1 which includes chip AMD.

Dell also made 2 of the devices all-in-one out-competing the iMac which comes to a 24-and 27-inch, in my device Inspiron 24 5000 and Inspiron 27 7000, featuring Devices screen Infinity Edge HD display Full HD.


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