Demand for Bitcoin has set a record for the last 13 months

Yesterday the General Director of the cryptocurrency hedge Fund Pantera Capital Dan Marched saidthat next week is the best time to buy Bitcoin. According to him, is now the first cryptocurrency is trading at 65 percent less than the maximum and will soon begin to grow. As it turned out, he described the real sentiments in the market. According to the startup TurtleBC, now the demand for bitcoins is higher than the offer.

Bitcoin will increase

From the study of the company that the market is the index of 90-10. This means that 90% of investors compete to buy coins in 10 percent of sellers.

This demand for the coin was not even in December 2017 — when the rate of Bitcoin has risen above 20 thousand dollars.

As reported by Bitcoinist, the positive market sentiment will attract a niche cryptocurrency of large investors. The interest is also fueled by the canadian Bank Saxo Bank, which in its forecast announced about the growth of the stock market, since the second quarter of 2018.

His role was played by a well-known Bitcoin optimist and founder of Fundstrat Tom Lee. In February, he said that by March 2020, the rate of the main coin will reach 91 thousand dollars. In January That promised 25 thousand dollars per coin by the end of this year. I hope for correct predictions.

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